An Interactive Film Challenges Us to Expand Our Definition of Home

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12.20.17 | By
An Interactive Film Challenges Us to Expand Our Definition of Home

Ask ten people about their definition of “home” and you could very well hear ten completely different answers. A house in the suburbs. A first apartment in the city. A solitary cabin in the countryside. But given the opportunity to investigate the feelings and memories surrounding the concept of home, those differences tend to melt away from the physical and toward the emotional – “the safe place” poet Maya Angelou once described as “where we can go as we are and not be questioned”. In essence, home exists as a feeling as much as a physical address.

Home – an interactive film created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam for Danish green energy company, Ørsted – explores the deep seeded connection between our emotions and the place we most feel safe to deliver a powerful and relevant message about the global challenges requiring us to expand our definition of home beyond our own four walls in the face of climate change.

Home begins as an invitation. Like an online Mad Libs or Choose Your Own Adventure, visitors are prompted to submit responses to complete three incomplete phrases; their sum generates a personalized short film incorporating each of these thoughts into an assemblage of images.

Without giving away too much, Home presents a provocative and interactive exploration connecting the dots between the intimate moments of our individual lives to the global effects of climate change – its dire and dramatic imagery is levied by an optimistic call recognizing technological innovations may lead us all to a safer, happier, and greener future we can all call home.

Input your own feelings about home and create your own film at