Spectacular Staircase: Iron Lace Project by Gestion René Desjardins

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Spectacular Staircase: Iron Lace Project by Gestion René Desjardins

This house in Montreal, Canada was built with two things in mind – the homeowner’s love of contemporary art and throwing parties. Sounds like an awesome mix to me, especially since Gestion René Desjardins also incorporated a spectacular staircase in anthracite iron lace, hence its name, Iron Lace Project.

The home began as a 1960s bungalow and while being granted the permission to tear it down and re-build, they were given strict instructions to follow the original plan. That was a problem seeing that the couple wanted to triple the space of the original structure. The architects built the new house and kept the facade in line with the other home’s on the street. Hidden behind that exterior lies a three-level house that’s invisible to the street.

The most striking element throughout is the iron lace that’s used on the entry staircase. They continued the element on the second floor railing.

The dark color of the iron continues down the ceiling-height fireplace, both of which contrast with the all white walls and ceilings.

They also incorporated a lot of grey throughout the home.

Black and grey show up in the kitchen and in the chairs in the dining room, making the open space cohesive.

The ironwork looks like bubbles and I love how the light filters through the open spaces.

Another great staircase!

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