Jaime Hayon’s Montera Lamp Sheds Light on Spanish Culture

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Jaime Hayon’s Montera Lamp Sheds Light on Spanish Culture

Inspired by a chance encounter with vintage Spanish postcards, renowned designer Jaime Hayon pays homage to Spain’s rich cultural heritage and his own personal roots with Montera, a table lamp designed for Danish brand &Tradition that artfully blends old traditions with modern flair. “It’s a testament to the power of design to transcend eras and resonate with contemporary sensibilities,” the designer remarks.

Montera is named after the cloth cap that matadors wear in the arena to bullfight and the hat’s silhouette is subtly alluded to in the aluminum shade. While the fixture seemingly looks like one structure, the base and shade come apart and connect together via magnets at the top of the base. As a thoughtful touch that enhances the lamp’s versatility, a polished brass dimmer is intuitively simple to use and adds a touch of elegance. The black textile cord completes the lamp.

A modern kitchen countertop featuring stainless steel cabinetry, a collection of glass jars with various dry goods, a red toaster, a modern table lamp and a decorative bunch of dried herbs.

It wouldn’t be a Jaime Hayon design without his signature use of color, a trait he describes as a natural affinity. Montera is available in two stunning color variants, Forest + Sky and Amber + Ruby. These combinations not only add a pop of color to any space but also embody Hayon’s whimsical yet sophisticated design ethos, aimed at infusing joy into everyday life. Because the shade is available separately as a spare part to ensure longevity, you can also easily mix the color pairings.

Hayon’s Montera lamp is not just a lighting fixture; it’s a testament to the enduring allure of heritage-inspired design. With his boundless creativity and distinctive style, he continues to leave an indelible mark on the design world, bridging the gap between art and functionality with every creation.

Blue lamp placed in front of a window with curtains.

Modern bathroom countertop with assorted toiletries and decorative items

Two modern table lamps with cables, one with a blue top and green base, the other with a brown top and orange base.

Modern table lamp with blue shade and green base on a white background.

Modern table lamp with a dark red shade and orange base on a white background.

Modern table lamp with a dark red shade and orange base on a white background.

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