James Uren

James Uren is a young designer whose work shows more than just promise – you can see how passionate he is about the design through the craftsmanship of each piece. I simply love the versatility of the Luso Lounger.

Descriptions below are from the designer.

Dorso Stool
The Dorso Stool is the outcome of an investigation into ways of joining wooden components together using a second material. The simple metal brackets offer strength, efficiency and ease of assembly. The combination of different timbers and a variety of colored brackets offer a unique and playful aesthetic. The timbers and colors can be matched to suit personal tastes.

Dorso Chair
The Dorso Chair is a further development of the Dorso Stool. It utilizes the qualities of the brackets. They can be easily bent to any required angle. Each bracket has threaded holes to eliminate the need for nuts making the appearance cleaner. The nature of the metal gives a slight flex that offers extra comfort from the backrest. The Dorso Chair truly celebrates the strength and versatility of the Dorso bracket.

Luso Lounger
The Luso Lounger is a modern reinterpretation of the Chaise Lounge. It evolved from looking at redundant furniture, and re-inventing it to suit the way in which we live today. The addition of a footstool means that there are a number of different ways in which it can be used; a day bed, lounger, chair, footstool. The Luso lounger is an interesting asymmetric form that is versatile, makes an excellent use of space. The under-frame has been constructed using American cherry; the shell of the lounger is been made from lacquered plywood.

SunDown Table
The SunDown Table is an evolution of the traditional table and lamp. By combining them and adding a second light source underneath, a functional and diverse product is created. The light can be faded between the top and bottom giving a spectrum of atmospheres to suit different moods Oak legs and lacquered MDF give the table a minimalist look, keeping the fading of the light as the main feature.

Congrats to James who was a runner up at New Designers 2011 for New Designer of the Year.

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