Jaru by Jungmo Yang: A Handle to Korea’s Cultural Heritage

02.18.20 | By
Jaru by Jungmo Yang: A Handle to Korea’s Cultural Heritage

As part of a Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation project, South Korean designer Jungmo Yang collaborated with chijiang (lacquerware) master Sora Ahn to produce a lacquered dish that can be used for candles as well as food.

Yang visited Sora Ahn’s workshop to learn about the various colors of lacquer and the CNC-processed woods she used. This is when Yang learned that they were trying to produce an object that could be made using a three-axis CNC, so as to cut down time spent on woodwork.

Yang spent six months finding a new form for the lacquerware that could be produced efficiently with three-axis CNC and utilize the beautiful lacquers in the workshop.

Yang’s Jaru collection consists of a plate and candle holder. The dish is stackable so food can be stored in layers, while the candle holder can be used for tea lights.

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