Jeff Martin Joinery and Steven Haulenbeek: Together at ICFF

05.17.17 | By
Jeff Martin Joinery and Steven Haulenbeek: Together at ICFF

Jeff Martin Joinery is teaming up with artist and designer Steven Haulenbeek to present their work at ICFF. Jeff Martin Joinery spends half his time in East Vancouver and Gulf Islands, while Steven is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Jeff Martin Joinery is a studio practice that works with many other machinists, fabricators, finishers, and local suppliers to create a collaborative body of work. Rather than just create pieces, they aim to explore underlying reasons of why objects are the way they are, rather than just their shape.

While studying in school, Steven fell in love with classic designers’ work, such as Eames, Nelson, Bertoia, etc. Being in Holland, Michigan, Steven was heavily influenced by American design and furniture manufacturing. As a result, he began with large-scale steel sculpture and quickly expanded into functional objects for the home.

Both Jeff and Steven focus on sculptural work that’s not only functional, but acts as art pieces within the home.

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