JennAir Undergoes a Rebellious Brand Revival + Launches New Dream-Worthy Luxury Appliances

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JennAir Undergoes a Rebellious Brand Revival + Launches New Dream-Worthy Luxury Appliances
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JennAir, the appliance gurus with the recognizable and trusted name, just underwent a rebellious brand revival that aims to get people excited about a new era in luxury kitchens. JennAir wants everything a consumer thinks about the kitchen to fall by the wayside so it can be rebuilt with provocative design, fresh innovation, and extraordinary performance not typically found in the appliance world these days. Just like JennAir’s founder, Lou Jenn, achieved in the early days with his downdraft ventilation invention, the brand is ready to start a new kitchen rebellion that will make you re-think everything you thought you knew or could imagine for the kitchen with their newly unveiled Bound By Nothing campaign.

From Jon Hall, Product & Brand Marketing Director for JennAir says “The Bound By Nothing campaign was born out of consumer insight that showed the luxury category had become stale and stagnant, yet the super-premium audience craved more – personalization, uniqueness, and something they can truly call their own. The Bound By Nothing campaign and brand relaunch will bring 70+ new products across two design expressions, in addition to an overhauled brand identity rooted in the progressive spirit of founder Lou Jenn and today’s tastemaker lifestyle – breathing new life into the very meaning of luxury.”

RISE Full-Size 48″ Built-in Refrigerator and RISE 48″ Range

To kick off the revolution, JennAir is launching two state-of-the-art product lines this fall, RISE and NOIR, that are going to make you want to take a bulldozer to your outdated kitchen. The new suites offer a modern aesthetic and groundbreaking technology that will forever change how you look at the kitchen and how you use it. These days, we stay connected to the digital world with our smartphones never far from our grasp, so just imagine how cool it would be to have appliances you can interact with the same way… Genius, right?

Mr. Hall also explains that the new line was created from over three years of consumer and industry research. “First, we dug really deep on who our consumer is,” he explains. “Through a combination of major home appliance consumer segmentation quantitative data, category usage behaviors, and luxury qualitative and quantitative macro trend analysis, JennAir developed a very deep understanding of an emerging growth consumer – the modern luxury consumer. It led us to our founding consumer insight that common experiences are not good enough and from there, the new line of more than 70 products in two design expressions RISE and NOIR were born.”

JennAir’s digital platform will land in late 2018 giving users a heightened and seamlessly integrated experience with their appliances. Consumers will be able to connect and control their appliances remotely, get real-time notifications, contact the JennAir call center, reach out to specialists, get recipe help from Yummly, and more.

RISE is a series of inspired and powerful appliances that aim to encourage designers to create out-of-the-box custom kitchens with their limitless options. The second collection is NOIR, a minimalist suite merging sensuality, clean lines, and structured angles, complete with intriguing details consumers will want to reach out and touch. Both suites include column refrigerators, built-in refrigerators, professional ranges, rangetops, cooktops, wall ovens, dishwashers, coffee makers, and much more, with launch dates later this year.


Along with the two product suites, JennAir revealed three new limited edition offerings to transform your appliances into custom works of art. Cuts wraps the column refrigerator in high-end Italian leather for a custom look, much like a custom upholstered sofa. A bevy of leather columns will be available, complete with hand-selected hardware, to appeal to just about any discerning consumer.

Smoke and Brass

Smoke and Brass decks out the 48-inch professional-style range with a hand-applied finish that shows a distressed mix of light and dark tones. A machined handle completes the bespoke, handcrafted look and if you’re interested, only 50 will be made available to consumers later in 2018, but can be reserved now right here.


The Burlesque refrigerator takes you inside to a sexy burgundy hued interior inspired by deep reds often spotted in luxury cars and the soft velvets used inside antique jewelry boxes. Only 13 of these are being made, three of which have already been reserved, and they come with a $30,000 price tag for those looking for the ultimate luxury appliance.

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