Jenny Nordberg Lends an Artistic Hand to the Powder Coating Process

05.05.20 | By
Jenny Nordberg Lends an Artistic Hand to the Powder Coating Process

Hem recently launched the Powder Vase, a limited edition run of vividly colored vases designed by Swedish designer Jenny Nordberg. The series features three different vase designs made from sheet steel that Nordberg folded and welded by hand. The steel forms were then treated with an expressive technique that was developed by Nordberg during her experiments with the powder coating process.

The Powder Vase is the third product in Hem’s decorative accessories collection, which commissions designers to create objects that directly reflect their design ethos and/or signature process. For Nordberg, this meant designing a piece that highlights the individuality of local manufacturing.

Powder coating is typically used as an industrial process to create a clean, uniform color and surface. But for the Powder Vase, Nordberg rejected the process as an industrial method, choosing to take an individual, expressive approach to applying the powder. The result is one-of-a-kind vases that resemble works of art.

“I don’t believe in global mass-production or in the current form of capitalism,” explains Nordberg. “Throughout my career, I have turned down numerous collaborations where I didn’t see a shared value of sustainable production or consumption, Instead, I focus my attention on projects that are long lasting—those that reclaim materials and are engaged locally.”

The Powder Vase is currently available for purchase on Hem’s website as a signed, limited-edition of 15 pieces.

Emily Engle is a freelance writer based in NYC with an interest in all things design, specifically the design process. When she's not writing about design, Emily can either be found taking care of her 31 houseplants, going on "nature" walks in her neighborhood or studying Japanese.