F5: Jordan + Steven Neman Share a Favorite Ceramicist, Galleries + More

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F5: Jordan + Steven Neman Share a Favorite Ceramicist, Galleries + More

This week we’ve made a rare exception, rather than a single individual we’re talking to twin brothers Jordan and Steven Neman of House of Léon. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, the two realized that the interior design market was missing creatively designed pieces available at an affordable price point. From there, furniture and home decor company House of Léon was born in 2022.

Since opening the doors a year ago, Jordan and Steven have launched two full collections with a third on the way this spring. With a focus on regions, cultures, and concepts, the brand believes every piece of a collection needs to work with one another to allow for mixing and matching.

But House of Léon is more than furniture. The brand also releases sculptural decor pieces based on the ceramic work of Jordan. When furniture and decor pieces come together with affordability, clients can uniquely express themselves within a living space in a delightful way.

Today, Jordan and Steven Neman are joining us for Friday Five!

two identical men sitting and leaning in a styled interior space

Jordan + Steven Neman \\\ Photo: Still Vika

leather slingback chair

Photo courtesy BDDW

1. Tyler Hayes + BDDW

One of our favorite furniture designers is Tyler Hayes and his team at BDDW. It’s fascinating to see the creations that a multidisciplinary artist like himself is able to make. His use of mixed media and materials across pieces show a level of craftsmanship that we think is quite incredible.

selection of modern white ceramics

Photo: Eric Roinestad

2. Eric Roinestad

Jordan’s favorite ceramicist has always been Eric Roinestad, and his work inspired Jordan to get into ceramics himself. Roinestad’s sculptural pieces, made using a clay he makes himself, show a level of refinement you don’t see quite often in ceramics.

abstract modern steel and stone chair

Photo: Batten & Kamp

3. Love House

Our favorite gallery for furniture is Love House in NYC. Jared and Aric do an amazing job of sourcing incredible designers. A piece from their collection that we think is worth highlighting is the Steel + Stone Lounge Chair by Batten & Kamp. It’s a true show-stopper.

three linen canvases with white chalk figure silhouettes

Photo: Carla Cascales Alimbau

4. Tappan Collective

For art, we have always loved The Tappan Collective. The furniture selected for a space can only take you so far – it’s the art that sets the stage for those pieces to shine and create the perfect setting.

four extremely high back wooden chairs

Photo courtesy Azotea

5. Azotea Gallery

Outside of the US, in Mexico City, the gallery Azotea does such a great job of restoring vintage pieces and creating new designs of their own.


Work by House of Leon:

beige candle in the form of a female silhouette sitting on top of two books

Delphina Candle \ The Delphina Sculpture Candle, inspired by the figure and shape of the feminine form, brings an abstract and artistic touch to any space. Based on the work the co-founders’ mother, Firoozeh Neman, the Delphina Candle is a celebration of the glory and power of the female figure. “The jagged edges allude to the strength and power of women who are so often illustrated as delicate in nature,” describes the artist. \\\ Photo: Still Vika Photography

wood and leather chair

Shinto Dining Chair \ This summer, we came across the 13th century art of “Kakishibu,” the traditional Japanese dying technique that pulls color from fermented persimmons.
 The dye was used on materials from wood to fabric and became the inspiration behind our favorite piece from our new Kyoto Collection, the Shinto Dining Chair.
 A quarter inch thick leather wraps a hand-crafted frame, with a leather seat that will patina as it ages, just like the vintage pieces you grow to love more and more. \\\ Photo: Michael Piliero

white vase in the shape of shoulders and lower face

Face Vase \ The Face Vase is the first piece of décor based on the ceramic work of co-founder, Jordan. An accident in the studio led to what looked like a shoulder on his vase, and the head was sculpted as a response to that happy accident. \\\ Photo: Michael Clifford Photography

styled living space with white sofa and rectangular coffee table

Sofita Coffee Table \ The Sofita Coffee Table uses a soft, natural stone with a raw edge to create a piece that feels organic to any space. \\\ Photo: Michael Clifford Photography

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