Joyful House: A Brightly Colored Extension by Mihaly Slocombe

12.18.17 | By
Joyful House: A Brightly Colored Extension by Mihaly Slocombe

Mihaly Slocombe designed this brightly colored addition to the Joyful House located in the outskirts of Geelong, Victoria, Australia. The clients came with a strict budget and high expectations, desiring an expansion on the house that opened up to the backyard. Along with the new, open living space, there’s a large deck the whole family can enjoy.

This house is what we like to call a ‘house mullet’, where the front facade is a completely different style than the back. In this case, the sloped modern addition extends a weatherboard workers cottage that retains its original charm.

The large living space features a sloped room that leaves room for a mezzanine level above. The open deck is covered in translucent fiberglass that allows light to pass through to the interior.

The interior joins a bright yellow with crisp white and light wooden details for an airy, contemporary space.

They eliminated handles on the cabinet doors to allow smaller hands to easily open them.

Photos by Tatjana Plitt.

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