Julia by Momocca: One Modular Furniture System Equates to Infinite Solutions

11.02.18 | By
Julia by Momocca: One Modular Furniture System Equates to Infinite Solutions

One of the small pain points of buying furniture is that slightly unsettling feeling of wondering if a piece you buy will satisfy your needs forever. What if you settle into a different home? What if you outgrow your furniture? What if your needs change? One company wants to alleviate this uneasiness. At this year’s Feria Hábitat Valencia, Valencian furniture brand Momocca introduced a new modular furniture system called Julia that seeks to provide unlimited furnishing solutions using quality materials and a refined design aesthetic, so you’ll never have to worry about feeling “stuck” with the furniture you already have.

Using nickel-plated metals in gold and copper hues, walnut wood, and upholstery textiles, Julia can be configured and reconfigured into a number of storage solutions and adapt to the needs of any living space. The modular system allows the user to form sideboards, shelves, space dividers, desks, coffee tables, television tables, and other complex storage systems. Because these configurations don’t need to be fixed to walls, it allows users to freely use and move it wherever they see fit.

The solution doesn’t lack elegance either. Upholstery textiles add texture to the configurations as padded sliding doors. Slender metal rods give the configurations an air of lightness while the walnut wood adds an element of warm. In short, the possibilities are truly endless with the Julia system.

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