Jumbo’s Creature Comfort Is the Ultimate Self Isolation Starter Pack

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Jumbo’s Creature Comfort Is the Ultimate Self Isolation Starter Pack

NYC-based designers Justin Donnelly and Monling Lee of Jumbo found themselves utilizing their current self isolation experience as a tool in the design process for their latest collection, Creature Comfort, which recently debuted at Sight Unseen Offsite Online. The design duo drew inspiration from everyday experiences, longings, and even food cravings during isolation, resulting in a playful, yet functional collection that consists of five distinct pieces.

Inspired by the contrast of our physical existence and our digital presences – especially with the rise in Zoom calls – Creature Comfort aims to explore the relationship between real and the surreal as they begin to blend together.

Donnelly and Lee note takeout Chinese food as a main guilty pleasure during their time in isolation, especially the fortune cookie at the end of the meal. The Fortune chair takes its name directly from the classic cookie. Its form mimics the fortune cookie’s distinct shape but is made from spun aluminum and is anodized jade green.

The vibrant Sport Sofa aims to fill a void created from a lack of exercise while primarily at home. The two-person loveseat is inspired by the joy of athletics – its shape mimics a boxing glove, and it has visible seams that resemble a tennis ball. Stretchy neoprene upholstery supports the loveseat’s volume and references wetsuits.

Paper towels and toilet paper have become some of the most iconic products this year, with rolls notoriously selling out in stores across the US. Jumbo’s Hung Mirror mimics the way paper towels and toilet paper drape from their center core. The mirror is made from a single piece of aluminum and pools on the floor, resembling a roll of toilet paper when it’s pulled a little too eagerly.

The Mop Lamp is made from individual shiny and translucent silicone extrusions, inspired by a cleaning tool we’ve all gotten closer with this year.

As a playful homage to the pleasure of drinking wine during isolation, Donnelly and Lee decided to design their own decanter. The Squiggle Vessel is designed to resemble an inchworm. It can be used as a wine decanter, a pitcher, a watering can, or a vase and will be released in an editioned series of 100.

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