Juniper Lighting Plays a Major Role at the Assemblage John Street Hotel + Co-Working Space

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Juniper Lighting Plays a Major Role at the Assemblage John Street Hotel + Co-Working Space

Located in New York City’s Financial District, the Assemblage John Street is both a supremely stylish hotel and co-working space set across two buildings spanning 175,000-square-feet. Design firm Meyer Davis was tasked with designing the interiors of the Assemblage John Street (as well as the Assemblage 25th Street hotel) and when it came time to developing the right lighting design for both hotel and the co-working space, Meyer Davis knew to look to Juniper for luxury fixtures.

The design firm already uses Juniper’s THIN Task Lamp in their offices, and so Juniper’s THIN Chandeliers, THIN Task Lamps, and THIN Shared Task Lamps were selected to illuminate the interiors. Because of the sleek design of the range, the fixtures don’t appear obtrusive in that jarring way bigger fixtures may seem. Instead, it simply shines a light (pun fully intended) on Meyer Davis’ thoughtfully designed interiors. The firm also incorporated design elements that give a nod to the hotel’s name, incorporating unique joinery and exposed joints that assemble the lighting, tables, desks and upholstery. Juniper also integrated the Assemblage logo into custom lighting to provide a sense of cohesiveness within the interiors.

Guests of the hotel and members of the co-working space can enjoy an all-encompassing variety of modern community offerings, like the Nymphaea Elixir Bar, a tea ceremony room, live musical performances, yoga and meditation studios, panels/workshops/town halls, a library, outdoor terrace, film screenings and Ayurvedic food and beverages.

What: The Assemblage John Street Hotel
Where: 17 John St, New York, NY 10038
How much? Rooms start at approximately $282 per night.
Highlights: The Assemblage John Street is both a hotel and co-working space that provides visitors with a wide variety of community offerings, like that of a residential building.
Design draw: Meyer Davis worked with Juniper to create the lighting concept, choosing different fixtures to accommodate different functions.
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Photos by Mikiko Likuyama.

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