Juniper’s THIN System Expands with Help from the Platonic Solids

06.12.19 | By
Juniper’s THIN System Expands with Help from the Platonic Solids

Recently launched is upscale architectural lighting brand Juniper’s new THIN Solids Collection, the latest chapter in the company’s collaboration with designer Peter Bristol. Inspired by the Platonic Solids, the THIN System technology is displayed as Tetrahedron, Cube, and Diamond shapes, with each segment snapping into place magnetically for easy installation and zero-waste shipping.

“We began the THIN System with a single line, emphasizing minimalism and compact technology. The collection grew into the Multiples and Primaries collections, offering geometric 2D shapes and simple prism silhouettes,” said Shant Madjarian, Juniper Founder. “The THIN Solids Collection was the next logical evolution for the THIN System, expanding into the 3D Platonic solids.”

The easily rotatable LED lighting segments face their light inward for concentrated illumination or outward for a diffused glow, all thanks to THIN’s unique cordless magnetic connections. Each segment is connected with solid brass corners and makes up a complete array of designs. The Tetrahedron is noted as one of the strongest shapes under pressure, the Cube appears the same from all angles, and the Diamond represents balance as opposing forces. The THIN Solids Collection has the ability to extend and interlock for larger installations or stand alone as single pendants.

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