JUST FRED’s Minimalist Pet Accessories Support Senior Dogs in Shelters

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JUST FRED’s Minimalist Pet Accessories Support Senior Dogs in Shelters

Tennille Teague founded her company JUST FRED with a dual mission: to create modern, elevated pet accessories that are comfortable for our furriest family members, while also raising awareness and providing direct support for pet adoptions. While any kind of adoption should be celebrated, she especially advocates for senior dogs who often get overlooked due to their age and related health conditions. Besides JUST FRED’s charitable work, we love the brand for its minimalist, durable, and most importantly, cruelty free pet accessories, from totes and weekenders to leashes and pouches that keep your dogs comfy, protected and ready for any adventure.

This limited edition weekender doesn’t feature the mesh you usually see, but instead zips shut with an opening that has a padded chin at the base of the window. It includes a machine washable pillow, a waste bag dispenser, and a built-in leash so that Sparky doesn’t jump out at the next squirrel sighting.

Everything you need for your next walk comes with this Walk Kit, which includes a harness and leash.

Extra leashes are always good to have on hand when you misplace them around the house and those puppy eyes are begging you to go ASAP.

Always have your doggie bag rolls on hand in case Spot decides he needs to go more than once on your walk. This pouch keeps them close by and out of your pockets for a comfortable walk.

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