K-Bird Keyboard Concept Applies a New Angle to Tactile Typing

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K-Bird Keyboard Concept Applies a New Angle to Tactile Typing

If there’s one trend that seems to have lasting legs amongst young creatives, it’s the popularity of mechanical designer keyboards. Drawn to the pleasurable aural and tactile feedback of mechanical switch keys, many find that they improve typing accuracy and speed, compounded with the joy of unique analog aesthetics. In regards to the latter, designers have outfitted keyboards with everything from round keycaps, cases inspired by Italian ceramics, and even embellished keyboards with the chromatic cinematic aesthetic of Wes Anderson to stand out from the crowd. The K-Bird concept keyboard by 3D artist Travis Ragsdale takes a literal different angle to tactile typing with a hexagonal keycap design and an industrial sci-fi aesthetic, alongside an adaptive modular add-on accessory platform imagined to grow according to a creative’s workflow.

close up shot of the orange backlit volume slider located alongside the function keys in the upper righthand of the mechanical keyboard.

Add-on modular attachment for the K-Bird concept shown with four dial and 6 slider tactile controls.

Ragsdale’s K-Bird is built around a flat unibody construction bookended with stainless steel handles on each side, giving the keyboard a hint of rack mount hardware seriousness. But it’s the K-Bird’s hexagonal scheme that stands out from the crowd, right down to its mini polygonal power switch and 6-sided dials and sliders.

Half left side of the K-Bird mechanical keyboard. ESC key located at upper left of key is backlit orange, with letter keys white and number and function keys in black. Left side is accessorized with small metal handle pull, vents visible along the bottom left side of the keyboard case.

Side view of venting detail and keyboard feet, with orange backlit ESC button profile visible

Unlike typing on a flat laptop surface, an angled accessory keyboard is a far more comfortable experience. To address this issue, Ragsdale accessorizes the K-Bird’s flat case with two feet to angle the entire setup and improve ergonomics.

The K-Bird’s other prominent addition is its modular add-on platform, an attachment allowing users to trick out their keyboard according to their workflow. Ragsdale conceptualizes the option to add an extended number pad, drawing tablet with digital stylus, or an audio/video editor’s dream upgrade accessorized with dials and slider controls for precise adjustments.

Animated gif of K-Bird's multiple modular add-on options, including an extended number pad, drawing tablet with digital stylus, or an audio/video editor's dream layout accessorized with dials and slider controls.

The multifunctional and modular K-Bird is but a concept for now, but there are a handful of creative console solutions available today offering similar workflow options. If you’re interested in expanding your inputs beyond QWERTY, we recommend exploring tactile workflow devices such as the Monogram Creative Console, which snaps together like LEGO pieces, or the Naya Create that pairs modularity with a strong emphasis on ergonomics.

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