from K to J, a Process Intensive Partnership Between Two Artists

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from K to J, a Process Intensive Partnership Between Two Artists

from K to J is an intriguing partnership between two artists that work side by side as well as together. The duo consists of Keetra Dean Dixon and Jonathan Keller (JK) Keller, both of whom live in Alaska (Keetra part-time). They joined together in 2006, and have continued to share an open and ongoing space for both collaboration and working alongside each other.


Keetra has a background in graphic design, but works as an artist, designer and director. She focuses on public installations, exhibits and speaking, where she explores the fallibility of communication and social exchange. JK’s art is where craft, collection and computation meet. He aims to transform digital elements through his multiple, iterative and generative processes.


Together, the resulting pleasure and frustration is what drives their collaboration. The driving frustration/pleasure of contending with our condition. Their work includes a wide spectrum of products they sell in their store.


One of the products included in the store is COLORS, a set of handmade retooling crayons that comes in a pack of 5. Colorful and patterned, these crayons are both works of art that can be further used to create even more art. They also sell an assortment of prints and even sculptures.

After surviving a quarter life crisis, Nanette went from working in healthcare canadian meds to pursuing her loves of design, food and writing. During the day she works in social media marketing, by night she writes for Design Milk. You can find more of her work at