Carving and Chipping Away at Paint by Karin Waskiewicz

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Carving and Chipping Away at Paint by Karin Waskiewicz

Artist Karin Waskiewicz has patience. First, she pours layers and layers and layers of paint on top of one another. Then, she lets them dry. After that, a totally new process begins as she carves, sands and cuts away layers to reveal the layers below. Topographic-like forms and craters begin to emerge, creating a landscape of colorful pockets like those only seen in dreams.

"Rolling Hills", acrylic on panel, 16.5x12.5

“Rolling Hills”, acrylic on panel, 16.5×12.5

There is so much detail here that it boggles my mind. As I look at each piece, all I want to do is get up close and personal, and spend time appreciating each individual layer and each deconstruction.

The process of these paintings really appeals to me, too. Karin may know what colors of paint she has used for a particular painting, but the process of unveiling those colors and layers through the act of destruction is a unique aspect of what she does. What’s even more interesting is that she really has no way of knowing how each work will resolve, making it a game of surprise.

"Landscape in flight", Acrylic on panel, 24x36

“Landscape in flight”, Acrylic on panel, 24×36

"Revival 1" Acrylic on canvas, 25.5x20.5

“Revival 1” Acrylic on canvas, 25.5×20.5

"Amorphous" Acrylic on Panel, 31x24.5

“Amorphous” Acrylic on Panel, 31×24.5

"Deep Blue" Acrylic on Panel, 24x20

“Deep Blue” Acrylic on Panel, 24×20

"Landscape in flight", Acrylic on Panel, 44x77

“Landscape in flight”, Acrylic on Panel, 44×77

"Growth/Decay" Acrylic and oil on panel, 24.5x20

“Growth/Decay” Acrylic and oil on panel, 24.5×20

"Growth/Decay" Acrylic and oil on panel, 24.5x20, detail

“Growth/Decay” Acrylic and oil on panel, 24.5×20, detail

"Reflective Mound", Acrylic on panel, 36x24

“Reflective Mound”, Acrylic on panel, 36×24

"Reflective Mound", Acrylic on panel, 36x24, detail

“Reflective Mound”, Acrylic on panel, 36×24, detail

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