The Keemala Hotel: A Tale Of Four Ancient Clans

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The Keemala Hotel: A Tale Of Four Ancient Clans

Just in case you saw the opening photo and needed to be reassured: YES, the Keemala is a real place. This modern hotel nestled in the lush Kathu District in Phuket, Thailand seems like an scene from an enchanting storybook fairytale, and that’s because it was in part designed to be that way. The team behind the creation of Keemala divided the property into four different grounds for four different clans of fictitious ancient Phuket settlers, with each ground differing in architecture and lifestyle.

The ‘Pa-Ta-Pea’ clan inhabits the 16 Clay Pool Cottages and are characterized by their down-to-earth sensibility and connection to agriculture. Thus, a direct reflection, the interiors of the cottages are warm, sturdy, and earth-toned.

The ‘Khon-Jorn’ clan are explorers who led a nomadic lifestyle, so their 7 Tent Pool Villas were semi-permanent for easy transportability. Inside, forms of wildlife and textures inspired by their travels fill the rooms.

The ‘We Ha’ clan longed to be closer to the sky in the 7 Tree Pool Houses to observe the universe. Their homes are (seemingly) suspended from the high trees and have furnishings that follow suit by hanging from the ceiling.

Lastly, the ‘Rung-Nok” clan, made up of creatives like artists, poets and musicians, enjoyed the finer side of life and indulged in luxuries like bathing in the moonlight. Thus, the 8 Bird’s Nest Pool Villas come with spacious tubs and partial sea views.

The Keemala comes prepared with all the amenities you want to have in a modern hotel, like WiFi and Bluetooth-powered technologies. At the Keemala, you can also enjoy spa treatments inspired by native sacred healings at the Mala Spa. During the day, you can choose to Purify, Energize, Unwind, or Rejuvenate with the hotel’s unique holistic living retreats.

The Keemala was designed with creative vision and interior design by Pisit Aongskultong of Pisud Design Company; architectural design by Architect Space with Sermsuk Kitcharoenwong as Managing Director, and mosaic murals by Surachai Sripaiboon. Created for the traveler who wants to relax, rejuvenate, and immerse in a wholesome way of life, this tropical escape offers all the accommodations and amenities for him/her to do just that.

What: The Keemala Phucket
Where: 10/88 Moo 6, Nakasud Road, Kamala, Kathu District, Phuket, Thailand, 83150
How much? Depends on which villa type you choose to stay in; villas start at approximately $657 per night.
Highlights: Every aspect of this holistic hotel was carefully considered so that guests can relax and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit, from the cuisine to the wellness treatments to the interior design of the rooms.
Design draw: Inspired by four fictitious clans of Phuket settlers, the Keemala is divided into four different villa types that reflect the characteristics and personalities of these clans. The hotel was also carefully designed to utilize the natural lush green surroundings and topographical conditions.
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