Kettal Unveils a Series of Outdoor Pavilions that Can Adapt to Any Environment

01.02.19 | By
Kettal Unveils a Series of Outdoor Pavilions that Can Adapt to Any Environment

If you’re looking for something more substantial and permanent than a tarp or tent for your outdoor space, Kettal has created the new H series of architectural pavilions that can be used for a variety of different setups and environments, including landscapes, architecture, urban environments, mountain, or maritime.

The pavilions are designed with a minimal structure that helps create open, flowing spaces where light easily passes through. They’re outfitted with a simple aluminum frame (available in many color choices) that accepts over 40 ways to customize it, like wooden slats, aluminum slats, grids, waterproof sunroofs in various forms, stone walls, curtains, panels, louvers, and shelf panels, to name a few. Buyers can configure whatever type of space they desire that works with their environment and needs.

The pavilions also make perfect outdoor kitchen and dining spaces with Kettal’s Outdoor Kitchen module that can be customized to match. It can be setup near the structure so cooking and hanging out can come together seamlessly.

Movable top panels can be used for prep or to close the unit up when not in use. It can be connected to water and electricity supplying just about everything one might need to cook and entertain outdoors.

They’ve also designed a customizable Outdoor Trolley which provides additional storage space and ease when transporting food, drinks, or tableware outdoors.

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