The Keychron Q1 Pro All-Aluminum Keyboard Goes Fully Wireless (Finally)

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The Keychron Q1 Pro All-Aluminum Keyboard Goes Fully Wireless (Finally)

Mechanical keyboard specialists Keychron design and deliver enthusiast-grade mechanical keyboards outfitted with optimal tactile feedback, clickety-clackety ASMR-soothing sound, and a build quality that shames the majority of plastic-built input peripherals. For typists who like to feel and hear every keystroke, the brand’s catalog of mechanical keyboards offers a very newbie-friendly gateway into the realm of retro-computer peripherals. Yet, our favorite Keychron model, the Q1, had one absent feature we always hoped would appear in a future iteration: wireless connectivity.

Lo and behold, the Keychron Q1 Pro cuts the cable and features Bluetooth connectivity.

Hands typing on white Keychron Q1 Pro with orange-red ESC key, wirelessly connected to a nearby laptop.

“We received rave reviews for Q1, but the one piece of feedback we kept receiving was that they wanted the same great features, but in a wireless model,” said Paul Tan, COO of Keychron.

Keychron Q1 Pro with orange-red ESC key on white desk, wirelessly connected to a nearby laptop with LED desk lamp in background.

The technological hurdle Keychron cites that previously prevented wireless connectivity was related to the keyboard’s beefy all-aluminum body. The metal proved challenging when it came to establishing a stable Bluetooth signal to pass through the all-metal body that gave the Q1 such a solid and steady presence.

Keychron Q1 Pro with orange-red ESC key on white desk, wirelessly connected to a nearby laptop shown from front facing perspective.

“We’re pleased to announce that Q1 Pro is ready to be our first full aluminum wireless keyboard. It’s designed to revolutionize the way people work on multiple devices.”

Black Keychron Q1 Pro with light blue ESC key on wood grain desk, wirelessly connected to a nearby desktop monitor.

The Q1 Pro is powered by a new ultra-low-power ARM chip (MCU) with 128K flash memory. Gamers obsessed with low latency note the Q1 Pro offers the option to connect using USB-C for 1000 Hz input.

This upgraded Q1 Pro remains aesthetically and functionally the same as its wired predecessor, which is a good thing, as the original Q1 is our favorite “off the shelf” option when it comes to mechanical keyboards. The Pro version features the same full aluminum body with a newly integrated Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity allowing users to connect up to three devices at once, permitting the device to hopscotch between a computer, phone, and tablet throughout the day.

And this being an enthusiast keyboard, along with the fully re-mappable keys, the switches themselves remain hot-swappable, meaning users can easily customize the sound and feel of their Q1 Pro to their heart’s content.

Dark gray Keychron Q1 Pro wireless mechanical keyboard propped up on small gray platform vertically and popped off keys showing customization option.

The Q1 Pro is being made available in various versions, including a barebones edition sans switch and keycaps starting at the early bird price of $174. A fully assembled Q1 Pro with Mac/PC keycaps, knob, and switches will set you back $199, with three color options (carbon black, silver gray, or shell white) and a trio of switches (red, brown, or banana) to choose from. For more info, check out Keychron’s Kickstarter here.

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