The Lady Peel House by rzlbd

The Lady Peel House in downtown Toronto is over a century old, and named after a famous actress and comedienne from the 1940s. To pay respect to Beatrice Lillie (for whom the home is named after), Reza Aliabadi, of rzlbd, wanted to make sure that the renovation gave the house new life, while still maintaining the same skin.

Lady Peel House by rzlbd-1

Due to the size of the house being 60′ x 15′, rzlbd decided to take a more streamlined approach. They got rid of any excess elements and kept the space open and airy, ensuring that plenty of natural light filters in to make the rooms seem larger.

Lady Peel House by rzlbd-2

They removed the previous finishings to the wall revealing the gorgeous dark brick underneath, which also serves as a reminder of the home’s origins.

Lady Peel House by rzlbd-3

By keeping the rooms long and linear, light streams in to fill the whole space.

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A bridge connects the rooms in the second floor, and overlooks the dining and living room, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all the levels of the home.

The light, open staircase zig zags between levels, creating a visual and physical connection between all the rooms.

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The unique master bedroom is pure white, and has its own freestanding tub. It is housed in the third floor, which also happens to be the attic, and has its own private deck.

Lady Peel House by rzlbd-4

To ensure that the home keeps the look and feel of the neighborhood, the architects focused on transforming the interiors with minimal work on the exterior. The only adjustments to its facade was enlarging the windows and exposing the brick.

Photos by borXu Design.

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