Lamborghini Urus S Is Origami on Four Wheels

There’s something perfectly appropriate (and likely intentional) that the new Lamborghini Urus S is specced at 666 (metric) horsepower. The devilishly engineered 4.0 liter V8 twin-turbo engine is good for 850 Nm (Newton meters) of torque, resulting in a sufficiently neck-snapping 0-62 mph acceleration in just 3.5 seconds. But equally notable is the redesign bestowed upon the Italian automaker’s popular “super SUV” intended to further enhance the ridiculously ostentatious expression of what a sports utility vehicle can offer.

Changes to the Urus are admittedly more evolutionary than noticeably transformative. And that’s not a bad thing, as the original origami expression of sheet metal of the Urus went onto become the most successful model in the automaker’s stable of performance vehicles. A new matte black-painted stainless steel skid plate is included standard, curving up into the black lines of the elongated front grille.

Gone is the gaping maw of the previous design’s hexagonal grill; new horizontal black lines stretch to the sides, coordinated with a new front bumper design successfully, streamlining the subtly diabolical front visage without subtracting all of the design elements that made the original so popular.

Buyers can also customize the design additionally with options to adjust the body color, and the inclusion of shiny black or carbon fiber components in a shiny and matt finish. A new lightweight carbon fiber painted bonnet comes with matte black air vents, with optional finishes to the vents in gloss black, body color, or carbon fiber in shiny or matte finish, with the option for a visible carbon fiber roof to add an extra sporty touch to the silhouette.

The rear of the Urus also sees some tweaks, most noticeably the rear bumper. Given a matte black-painted finish, the eye is drawn down to the sporty SUV’s new twin-pipe exhaust design in brushed steel. If the steel finish isn’t your thing, there’s the option to switch in matte or shiny black finishes, or an extra lustrous chrome.

New rim options are offered alongside the standard 21” wheel, including 22” Nath rims with titanium matte and diamond polish finish, while 23” Taigete wheels can be selected in bronze and diamond polish alternatives.

Inside the updated Urus S has been refreshed with new color and trim options. Vent and center display detailing retains the polygonal exterior motif of the previous generation’s grill. A connected navigation system, security, and in-car control services are there as expected, as is a Lamborghini Unica App that can be used with both a phone or smartwatch as a virtual car key.

The Urus S has yet to be priced for the US market, but is initially launching in Europe for a serious sticker price of €195,538.

Gregory Han is the Managing Editor of Design Milk. A Los Angeles native with a profound love and curiosity for design, hiking, tide pools, and road trips, a selection of his adventures and musings can be found at