Landscape Forms’ Outdoor 21 Chair Is Fun, Functional, and Stackable

10.24.18 | By
Landscape Forms’ Outdoor 21 Chair Is Fun, Functional, and Stackable
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North American design and manufacturer Landscape Forms has introduced the 21 Chair that’s designed by Modello USA for the outdoors. The chair’s design, and name, is based on its extended 21-inch-wide seat which adds comfort for the user while giving the chair a more relaxed aesthetic. Designed to make room for various postures, the chair features slight curves on the edges of the seat and back with wide armrests that make sitting upright at a table, relaxed having a conversation, or even sitting sideways, a more comfortable experience.

The casual design is made for outdoors but it could easily work in indoor settings. If you need more space for a bit or you want to store them for winter, you can easily stack up to four chairs together to save on room.

The 21 Chair has a durable steel tube frame with die-cast aluminum slats for the seat and backrest that are finished with a proprietary Pangard II® HAPS, VOC, and lead-free polyester powdercoat so they won’t chip, peel, or fade while living outdoors. The standard offering is a solid color but you can mix it up with different colors upon request to match the look you’re going for. Also, if the arms aren’t your thing, it’s available without them.

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