Large-Scale Ceramics That Are Both Eye-Catching + Functional

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Large-Scale Ceramics That Are Both Eye-Catching + Functional

During the occasion of London Craft Week, SCP presented an exhibition of new, large-scale ceramic works by Dutch designer Floris Wubben. The Studio Floris Wubben Collection, a large-scale ceramics series that merges function and sculpture, was in the spotlight. It was, as they say, a match made in heaven, as the producer and dealer of high-quality contemporary furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories partnered with the innovative creator.

green/blue stool

Pressed Stool No.5

Wubben’s work is made using bespoke, low-tech machines that he designs himself. Inspiration is found in nature and the materials found within. He’s spent the past few years refining his process and focusing on the development of the aforementioned production machines. Thanks to these innovations, he’s been able to stretch his abilities and talent even further to expand his collection to include lighting, mirrors, and furniture.

Pressed Stool No.5

“My view of what is possible has changed,” he shared. “As you develop a process, with this mastery comes a sort of uber focus on the extrusion process itself, its boundaries become less and more things become attainable. The main process that takes place at the studio is the extrusion of clay. The other processes, such as woodworking, grinding, metalwork, glazing, and resin work, are all there to make the extrusion possible.”

orange/red stool

Pressed Stool No.6

Wubben extrudes each piece from a single shape before adding additional structural elements by cutting away sections of the form. The final kiln-fired objects are then finished with multiple layers of glaze to create a unique hue and surface. Each piece is characterized by distinctive shapes, bold colors, and sleek surfaces for a truly unique result that’s as eye-catching as it is functional.

detail of purple/blue stool

Pressed Stool No.6

detail of green/blue bench

Bunker Bench

leaf-shaped yellow stool

Iguana XXL Stool

dark purple stool

Pressed Stool

turquoise stool

Pressed Stool No.2

detail of white stool

Pressed Stool No.4

small red table

Tiny Table

turquoise glazed table lamp

Rib Table Lamp

detail of turquoise glazed table lamp

Rib Table Lamp

brown glazed table lamp

Rib Table Lamp

shallow ivory bowl

Sawguana Bowl

olive green large vase

Iguana Large Vase

dark green vase

Sprocket Small Vase

two sculptural black vases

two sculptural black vases

sculptural black vase

detail of sculptural black vase

three sculptural vases

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