LARQ Terra Collection Taps Into Earthly Inspired Colors

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LARQ Terra Collection Taps Into Earthly Inspired Colors

One study found the “average athlete’s water bottle contains 313,499 CFU (colony-forming units) of bacteria per square centimeter”. Dirty hands, backwash, and infrequent washes between uses are all attributable to the proliferation party of unwanted microbial guests on surfaces of reusable drinking containers. LARQ, a self-cleaning water bottle with a UV-C LED sanitizing light integrated into its cap, is designed to eradicate such bacterial and viral growth with an efficacy rate of 99.999% at the touch of a button.

The LARQ is powered by its own Li-Polymer battery that will last for up to a month between charges (via Micro-USB; charging cable included), with two purifying modes: Normal, a 60-second cycle for trusted water sources, and Adventure, a 3-minute cycle for extra purification from outdoor sources.

The original TSA-friendly sized LARQ water bottle series was launched by Justin Wang in 2018, a crowdsourced technological solution answering public interest for a safer, reusable water storage on the go. LARQ’s innovation was delivering in the inclusion of its very own UV-C LED integrated cap, allowing users the ability to sterilize the bottle in the span of a minute using the germicidal properties of ultraviolet light with just a touch of a button.

The brand’s latest announcement is four additional colorways, each inspired by earthly hues drawn from landscapes and nature – the LARQ Bottle Movement Terra Collection. Aimed at outdoor lifestyles, its sleek design is suited for the mountains, beaches, deserts, or anywhere additional hydration is required.

The aesthetic update features the same self-cleaning UV-C LED cap design as the original, alongside the electropolished 18/8 stainless steel and interchangeable premium food-grade silicone sleeves – with new colors designed to evoke the great outdoors.

The LARQ Bottle Movement Terra Collection is available in two sizes: $78 for the 24 oz (710 ml) size or $98 for the larger 32 oz (950 ml) edition.

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