Craftsmen Todd Hewitt Expands His “Last Ditch” Designs by Four Furnishings

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Craftsmen Todd Hewitt Expands His “Last Ditch” Designs by Four Furnishings

While Last Ditch Design may be in a nascent stage, founder and craftsman Todd Hewitt brings three decades of fabrication and production experience to the expansion of his already robust catalog with the introduction of four new pieces: the Silas Daybed, Annie Stools, Gallatin Bed, and BeBop Ottoman. Like the range they join, these fresh furnishings give form to a mid-century modern ethos distilled through a minimalist lens with a look that evokes a sense of future nostalgia.

A sun drenched, open living-gallery space with a variety of minimal furniture.

The Silas Daybed prominently featured in Love House Flatiron

“My process first comes from a form or shape that sparks something within me. I am often looking outside of furniture for inspiration and find that tech products demonstrate a great use of shape and pattern that I can, with luck, translate into a piece of furniture,” Hewitt says. While some contemporary artifacts strive to be avante-garde for the sake of social currency, his form-first approach does not detract from function, nor does it trade merit for novelty. “I do aspire to honor the past while seeking fresh approaches to my designs. And I also hope these leave a lasting impression for generations to come while telling a story unique to those who live with them.”

A mustard colored ottoman in the foreground of a minimal designed interior.

The BeBop Ottoman featured in Love House Flatiron

This formula for longevity is equal parts functionality, endearing visual identity, and sustainability. A deep respect for the primary resource and its procurement inform the material palette. Hand-applied finishes of ash, oak, and walnut complement the wood’s natural properties and prove easy to maintain over time. Fabric selections will be broadened in the near future adding to the current earthy hues that further the aesthetic.

The main components of every object offered are conceptualized and created in California by Last Ditch, but in cases of experimentation Hewitt finds himself collaborating with artisans local to his Los Angeles studio. These particular additions are representative of the self-taught woodworker stepping out from his comfort zone to practice with stone, steel, and upholstery. “This education sparks passion, keeps me motivated, and is the reason why I quietly buzz with joy when I see a design take shape,” Hewitt continues. And it is clear his competitive résumé aids in the development of a visual language that carries over from one classification to another.

The designer posed on a gaming bench.

The Craftsman, designer, and founder behind Last Ditch Design, Todd Hewitt, sitting on his Nostromo Bench

But what’s in a name? Their quirky identities reveal Hewitt’s inspiration as his portfolio grows, pulling various monikers from mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, and trails local to his home state of Wyoming. Other historical references include “Silas,” which is contracted from “Silvanus,” Roman mythology’s god of the forest, as with 80’s pop culture pulling from the Alien franchise to name the Sulaco collection and Nostromo Bench whose sculptural forms are reminiscent of iconic spaceships from the movies of his youth.

The Silas Daybed

Exposed wooden architecture, geometric forms, and the unique integration of upholstery employed in the Silas Ottoman and Lounge Chair echo in their new sibling. A modern interpretation of the classic sleigh bed, the Silas Daybed introduces a regal new form adorned with solid satin brass foot caps.

A minimal daybed with green upholstery.

The Silas Daybed

Detail of a minimal daybed with green upholstery.

The Silas Daybed’s geometric cushion and architectural detailing

The Annie Stool

Multifunctional by design, the Annie Stool is minimalist in its well tailored composition to perform as an object of utility and beauty. The tubular design is softened by upholstery and can be fixed atop a powder coated steel or solid wood base.

A pair of minimalist stools with upholstered seats and backs.

The Annie Stools

Detail of upholstered stool's seat and back.

Detail of the Annie Stool’s upholstered tubular design

The Gallatin Bed

Soft yet strong. Bold yet understated. The Gallatin Bed boasts a sculptural wood frame that articulates a natural composition of pattern and flow from within the lumber. The fully upholstered headboard provides contrast to update a classic silhouette into a modern statement piece.

A large wooden bed frame with an upholstered headboard.

The Gallatin Bed

The headboard detail of an upholsted frame.

The Gallatin Bed upholstered headboard in contrast to the wood connection

The BeBop Ottoman

Somewhere between mid-century modern and Neotenic design stands the oddly proportioned yet adorable BeBop Ottoman. Cousin to the Pouf, it assumes a wide stance on three legs with a low center of gravity and a flat top. It is available in 3 sizes, 7 wood finishes, and 15 fabric options.

A three-legged ottoman with mustard upholstery.

The BeBop Ottoman

The wooden leg detail of an ottoman with mustard upholstery.

The BeBop Ottoman’s leg detail

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