Lawson-Fenning x MQuan Combine Their East + West Coast Talents

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Lawson-Fenning x MQuan Combine Their East + West Coast Talents

The talents of two coasts come together in this collaboration, that first debuted in 2017, between Southern California-based contemporary furniture brand Lawson-Fenning and Brooklyn-based ceramic artist MQuan. They have revisited the collaboration and launched a new collection of one-of-a-kind side tables were inspired by eastern iconography, each featuring a handmade top designed by MQuan Studio and a solid white oak base designed by Lawson-Fenning. Fresh table motifs include the sun, moon, rainbows, and rings – all images focused on the interconnections of our world, something we can all relate to right now.

In my experience of collaborations, a seed is planted that starts with a mutual respect and admiration of each other’s work. Once the general idea is formed, it travels through a series of discoverable moments that will shape what the collaboration will eventually become. Glenn & Grant have created table bases in their vision, making decisions from the perspective and with the experience of furniture designers that I don’t have and I love that. It’s like a gift!

– Michele Quan, MQuan Studio

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Photos by Lawson-Fenning.

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