Leather Luxury for the Minimalist

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Leather Luxury for the Minimalist

We’ve been lusting over the leather goods from San Francisco-based Octovo since last year. They express just the sort of elegant minimalism that we love, and while we certainly don’t mind borrowing from the boys side of the store, we’re pleased to report that the ladies now have their own section. And just in time for making that list and checking it twice.

Like their men’s accessories, their new women’s line is all about navigating the space between technology and luxury. And the reality is, when it comes to accessories, luxury is pretty much about not losing your tech — which means we can certainly get behind those pieces with the chic wrist strap. And even the pieces that are sans wrist strap-safety, the minimal design means that you’re going to have to think a bit about what you put into your wallet—not every loyalty card is going to fit. (Note to self: there is an app for that).  We love when design makes you think more carefully about your behavior. And we can definitely get behind the idea of thinking more consciously about what you’re carrying around with you, and doing it with style is even better.



That formidable wrist strap makes this wallet nearly impossible to loose. Perfect for the girl on the go! Comes in two size options: the Phonebooth and the Friday. Like the other pieces in the collection, these wallets are made with Italian leather that has been given a pebble grading for visual interest.


The best thing about this keychain is that you won’t break a nail if you need to add a key. The titanium ring hides an easy access opening under the Italian leather loop. It’s a solution that’s both elegant and minimal.


Like the city where space is at a premium, the NYC wallet is all about creatively utilizing space. It’s sleek and compact—the perfect size to stash in the tiniest of evening bags.


The Cheque is the wallet if you need maximize real estate. Not only is there room for eight credit cards, cash and change, but the wallet includes a gold stainless steel pen and notebook for when you need to scrawl a note.


We couldn’t resist squeezing in two newly released products designed for men (but we think could work for the ladies too!). The first is a simple, yet elegant bottle opener key ring for your favorite beer imbibing friend. This would make a particularly awesome gift when paired with some sort of beer of the month club or even a local home-brew class.


Octovo’s brand new Dopp Kit is the perfect gift for any traveler on your list. Fun fact: The name, Dopp Kit, derives from the inventor of the toiletry kit—a German-born leather goods designer named Charles Dopplet, who had immigrated to the United States in the 1900s. Charles had invented the kit in 1919, but it wasn’t until WWII, when the kits were issued to GIs that they became ubiquitous.

The best part about this kit is that it’s made for hanging on the back of a bathroom door so there’s no fumbling around a bag looking for the toothpaste cap. Whether you’re headed out on a weekend escape or an adventure abroad, this is the perfect way to make sure you stay organized.

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Amy Azzarito is the author of "Nest: The Secret History of Things that Make a House a Home" forthcoming in 2020.