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Every time we see PediPaws in the store, my husband tries to buy it. I say no. Here’s why: I have not yet read any reviews about it.

Basically, PediPaws is a batter-operated nail grooming device that is an alternative to cutting. It’s similar to a large sander or nail file that files your pet’s nails down. Ladies — it’s like that device that sands down your acrylic nails at the salon.

The downside seems to me that it might be hard to get your pet to stay still long enough to get the job done. Most dogs, in my experience, hate having their nails clipped. However, on the upside, if you’ve ever clipped your dog’s quick and had a bleed-out, it’s a very scary situation. PediPaws will likely eliminate the possibility of accidentally cutting the quick.

Would you use PediPaws? Have any of you used this gadget on your dog, and what was your experience?

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