Levitas: A Jewelry Collection Rooted in Conscious Danish Design

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Levitas: A Jewelry Collection Rooted in Conscious Danish Design

At this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week, Danish fashion brand Skall Studio, founded by sisters Julie and Marie Skall, debuted its upcoming AW24 collection with 29 looks nostalgic of the 1960s era of New York City, at a time when artists and intellectuals like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan were challenging the status quo about society. But it wasn’t just the impeccably smart styling of checkered wool coats and tailored suiting that stole the show in our eyes – it was the glimmer of metal, found tucked in a low bun or on a singular ear. As it turns out, Skall Studio debuted a collection within a collection. Levitas, a five-piece series of organic-shaped jewelry, was designed in collaboration with Kinraden, a fine jewelry brand by architect and designer Sarah Müllertz.

The collection consists of a brooch, hair pin, a large earring, a small earring, and a button, all designed to seemingly defy gravity, hence the name Levitas, which means ‘lightness’ in Latin. Levitas also refers to how the metals, both recycled sterling silver and 18K gold, interact with light as it is worn. The pieces are defined by their perfectly imperfect shapes and fluid contours, reminiscent of forms found in nature.

Curious as to how this fashion and jewelry collaboration came to be, we chatted with Marie, Julie, and Sarah to learn more about their inspirations and hopes for the future of conscious design:

A woman wearing a beige scarf and silver earring

A woman wearing a white sweater and a silver earring

Congrats on the collaboration. It is truly stunning! Tell us more about how this partnership between Kinraden and Skall Studio came to be.

Julie Skall: There are several reasons why this collaboration came up. Rooted in Scandinavian simplicity and craftsmanship we were both founded with a sustainable approach in 2014 and with a wish to change our respective industries. Skall Studio is a value-based brand and when we do collaborations it is very important for us to collaborate with brands that share the same values. We share the same love for nature, natural mono materials, recycled materials, and aim to create pieces made to last. And then we are almost neighbors as our stores are situated in the same street in Copenhagen.

Sarah Müllertz: Yes, we’ve been observing each other for a while – it’s amazing to have someone with the same mission statement as your almost next-door neighbor – and we greatly admire Julie and Marie for what they’re doing with Skall. We initiated the conversation gently and let it flow naturally to see if we could create something together that makes sense. As it turns out, we could, and I love the direction our mutual design project has taken. With my background in architecture, I’m accustomed to collaborations, and I appreciate the framework and freedom Marie and Julie have afforded me in working with my craft.

four women standing next to a white wall

woman wearing a scarf and a silver earring

What inspired the forms and shapes of the Levitas collection?

Sarah Müllertz: Beyond our shared values lies a deep-rooted connection to the essence of Scandinavian design – so that was the starting point. For this collection I also drew inspiration from architectural heroes of mine – Neyemier and Brancusi. The elegant interplay of silver with the curves of the body transcends mere aesthetics; it symbolizes the profound challenge of sculpting physical space. Many of the Lumen Collection’s generous shapes capture the essence of fluidity and grace, featuring organically sculpted forms that directly mirrors the gentle imperfections found and created in nature.

woman wearing a silver brooch on a grey blazer

woman wearing a silver hairpin in a low bun

What is your personal approach to incorporating statement-making jewelry, like the Floris Brooch or Hair Pin, into everyday wear?

Marie Skall: Skall Studio is known for its classic and simple styles made to last and we think the Floris Brooch and Floris Hair Pin in recycled sterling silver are good opportunities to play with our classic styles. Especially the Floris Hair Pin leaves room for imagination as it can be used in many ways – not only for the hair, also in our knitwear or even in a pocket. Also, the Levitas Button adds a new look to our styles – we love how a button can easily change the look.

What hopes do you have for the future of fashion and what do you wish to inspire with Skall Studio and this collaboration with Kinraden?

Marie Skall: We hope to see even more focus on natural mono materials as we believe these materials are better for people and the planet. Obviously also because mono fibers are easier to recycle. With this collaboration we also hope to encourage to less and better consumption. The quality of the materials we choose to purchase means the world.

silver brooch

back of silver brooch

silver hairpin

silver hairpin

large silver earring

back of large silver earring

details of small gold earring

details of small gold earring

details of small gold earring

details of small silver earring

details of small silver earring

details of small silver earring

The Levitas Collection will be available early September 2024 in the Skall Studio and Kinraden flagship stores, as well as online and at select retailers worldwide.

Photography by Thomas Degner.

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