LG Totem OLED Television and Soundbar Rolls up Out of View

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LG Totem OLED Television and Soundbar Rolls up Out of View

What if you could hide away a large television with the ease of window roller shades? Or switch its orientation from horizontal or vertical? Studio Booboon’s Totem television and soundbar for LG offers a fascinating use of the Korean electronics rollable display technology into a next generation concept showcasing the possibilities of home entertainment liberated by flexible display technology.

The Paris and Tokyo based multi-disciplinary design studio founded by designers Jisu Yun and Richard Bone takes their alliterative name from 부분, a Korean word conveying a portion or detail of a whole. Beyond work for the likes of Oppo, Fritz Hansen, Joseph Joseph, Louis Poulsen, KakaoTalk, Marsotto Edizione, Kenzo, Hermes, Il Makiage, Lufthansa, and SNCF, it’s their most recent work for the Korean consumer electronics giant which reflects Studio Booboon’s elegant proficiency for referencing the past while creating functional forms adaptive to contemporary lifestyles and spaces.

In its fully retracted form with the soundbar turned vertically, the Totem takes on the minimalist profile of a floor speaker.

The core of the LG Totem design is a fully adjustable display that can be turned for landscape and portrait mode, or completely rolled away and out of view, the entire screen disappearing into the soundbar housing.

We wanted to create something characterful and sculptural that blends into the user’s home seamlessly.

– Studio Booboon’s Jisu Yun

With the touch of a button, the display can be rolled out into a vertical display mode – one ideal for viewing social media content, operating as a streaming music display, or for widgets.

When rotated into horizontal mode, the Totem converts into a more conventional OLED television experience, one inviting viewers to enjoy a film or binge stream video content. Like smaller computer displays, the Totem includes the ability to adjust its height to position for optimal viewing comfort, an integrated feature sorely missing from most televisions.

From the side the Totem takes on the silhouette not dissimilar to an iMac or Surface Studio, with an angling feature to adjust the position of both the screen orientation and soundbar speaker.

The Totem joins one of five Dezeen and LG Display’s OLEDs Go! competition concepts, each exploring the possibilities of televisions evolving into experiences far more dynamic than the stationary flat pixel populated planes we rely upon today.

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