Light Falls: A Renovated Victorian Transformed with a Glass Extension

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Light Falls: A Renovated Victorian Transformed with a Glass Extension

A Victorian terraced house in Kensington was a recent project of London-based FLOW Architecture with Magrits that involved a near complete demolition and reconstruction of a four-story residence with a basement and double-height extension. Once a dark, compartmentalized historical home with an antiquated layout, the new house, Light Falls, maximizes light throughout the vertically-stacked living spaces.

From the design team:

The name Light Falls perfectly expresses the soul of the house! The cascading effect of daylight, brought in vertical motion to the center of the building, enlivens the interior spaces and dissolves the borders between outdoor and indoor spaces.

Due to the area’s strict building laws related to the exterior of the property, a majority of the design elements are shifted to the center part of the structure. The staircase, which is completely open on the lower floors, twists as it rises up to the top floor.

How cool is this light fixture above the dining table?!

The home’s white walls extend out to the courtyard creating an embedded bench as it curves around the space. The exterior wall is made from glass-reinforced concrete panels (GRC) that create a seamless look. The double-height glass extension features two skylights towards the top, thereby allowing maximum natural light to fill the interior.

A unique light well extends up above the communal floors with wooden slats flanking either side. The open spaces between the wood allows daylight to enter the private spaces while creating a dynamic visual statement when looking up.

Photos by ©NAARO.

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