A Light, Smart eBike for City Dwellers

Apple Watch? What Apple Watch? We’re too distracted by the Gi Bike, a smart bike that’s foldable and perfect for city dwellers. Its most intriguing features are its light frame and easy foldability, along with an app that keeps you updated of any hazards, construction, and heavy traffic.

Gi Bike-6

Gi Bike-7

The Gi Bike is an electric bike that’s full-sized, but also folds up in three seconds. The frame is aluminum and the standard weighs 26.5 lbs, while the electric version weights 37.4 lbs. It comes with an integrated anti-theft lock that locks the bike automatically when you are 10 feet away from it. Share your bike? You can add more users to the Gi Bike so it recognizes multiple riders.

Gi Bike-2

Biking up hills? That’s where the electric assistance comes in. It can carry the rider for up to 40 miles without the rider pedaling. It also has another battery related feature – there’s a USB integrated port where you can charge your phone battery if need be.

Gi Bike-9

The bike also features front-wheel smart lights on the sides that turn on during the night, ensuring safe biking. Moreover, the accompanying app keeps you updated on traffic conditions. And of course, we can’t forget social integration. The smartphone app connects to Facebook, Twitter, and maps via a wireless connection and is available on iOS and Android.

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