A Lighting Collection With Endless Combinations

Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera of the Barcelona-based design studio Goula/Figuera recently launched Home Adventures, a new initiative where they make and create certain ideas that have remained on the back burners for far too long. This new brand allows the duo the flexibility to be more expressive and explore unknown creative territory outside that of their usual design work.


The first product of the collection is called Lines & Dots, a set of eight light fittings. The process started with the designers drawing thousands of line and dot configurations on paper and settling on eight.


The silhouettes are then created using steel rods that are hand-sculpted by local craftsmen.





What’s neat about these light fittings is that they can all be connected with one another. The cable acts as a pivot, connected at the end with a metallic capsule that contains a dimple LED bulb. The beauty of this feature is that one can work with Goula/Figuera to create personalized combinations that aren’t included in the pre-made models available.



For more information on the collection and how to purchase it, visit the studio’s shop here.

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