Like Typography the EXTRA BOLD Armchair Makes a Strong Statement

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Like Typography the EXTRA BOLD Armchair Makes a Strong Statement

The BOLD collection designed by Swiss-based design studio BIG-GAME for French furniture brand Moustache began with the BOLD chair, a Bauhaus-esque metal tube chair with a layer of polyurethane foam and a knitted cover produced by a sock factory. The designers were inspired by the idea of a three-dimensional object created by a one continuous line. Since then, the BOLD collection has expanded to a bench, a stool, and most recently, an armchair that carries extra weight – typographically speaking, of course.

man sitting on navy blue tube chair

The sculptural EXTRA BOLD armchair is made with extra thick injected foam that covers two large metal tubes to create a surprisingly comfortable seat. Taut, soft curves make up the seat, back, and armrest, similar to the rest of the pieces in the BOLD range. The foam padding conceals the technical details and invisible assembly system that allow the seat and backrest to sit flush next to each other, giving the optical illusion that the two components seem to barely brush up against each other. Even more than a decade later, the BOLD collection proves its modern timelessness as the EXTRA BOLD armchair can fit into any modern interiors today.

navy blue tube chair

navy blue tube chair

navy blue tube chair

turquoise tube chair

red tube chair

orange tube chair

green tube chair

blue tube chair

black tube chair

navy blue tube chair

tube chairs in dining room

red bench and tube chair

purple tube chair

green bench

pink bench

green stool

yellow stool

beige stool

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