Limited Edition & Series Artworks from Another Fine Mess

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Limited Edition & Series Artworks from Another Fine Mess

After co-founding the still successful Society6, Justin Cooper has continued his path in the art world with the launch of his latest venture, Another Fine Mess. The Los Angeles-based company publishes and produces editioned work from a variety of emerging and established contemporary artists and designers. Choosing limited editions and series over mass-produced artwork, their focus is more on quality and not quantity and by keeping the art highly curated, they’re able to attract a higher caliber of artist, all of which are personally invited. The best part? They’re still extremely affordable. Now that they’ve launched and all is running smoothly, they’ll be releasing even more limited edition works.

Above: From ABC to CD by Sascha Lobe

Dark Matter 0311 by Michael Cina

Michael Cina signing

On what Another Fine Mess is able to offer that Society6 couldn’t, Cooper says, “With Society6, the goal was to create as much opportunity for as many artists and designers as possible – to enable them to realize their goal of earning money from their work without having to give up the rights to their work. We achieved that goal. Inherently, when you create something that is not exclusive and global in scale it becomes challenging to curate and maintain an incredibly high level of quality.”

Happy Branding by Eike König

Limonade Parade (04) by Raby-Florence Fofana

North Korean Interiors (Let Us Fiercely Raise the Sports Wind Across the Country) by Oliver Wainwright

Windows by Alexander Medel Calderón

Mickey by Max-o-matic

In God We Trust by Malte Zenses

Divine by Mariana García

No More Pain by Tylor Macmillan

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