The Lofree Digit Number Pad Adds Up to a Touching Experience

06.29.18 | By
The Lofree Digit Number Pad Adds Up to a Touching Experience

Lofree embraces the nostalgic with a catalog of delightfully colorful and rounded technological accessories reflective of space age era optimism. One of their upcoming designs continues this propensity for the playful – a sidekick to their popular clickety-clack keyboard, the numerical Digit Number Pad designed as both a partner and stand-alone calculation device.

Depending upon color (available in white, red-orange, and light aquamarine) the Digit Number Pad represents an aesthetic convergence of Dieter Rams’ iconic 1987-era designed Braun ET66 calculator with a Speak and Spell. The Digit Number Pad is designed to operate as a stand-alone calculator like its Braun predecessor, but unlike any 80s-era calculation device, this one also features Bluetooth connectivity allowing it to work in conjunction with any modern computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The retro design isn’t just aesthetic. The Digit Number Pad is designed to deliver an auditory and tactile mechanical experience, with old school membrane switches underneath each numeral in lieu of the paltry short-travel of butterfly keys ruining touch typing in the modern age. In use, this means the press of each sizable key delivers a satisfying sound and feel, aiding in faster and more accurate typing.

Lofree currently list the wireless Digit Number Pad as a “coming soon” offering, with a sign-up for notification about availability listed at the bottom of this page, with the promise of an early bird discount upon launch. If the Lofree Instagram feed is any indicator, expect to see the accessory becoming available sooner than later.

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