Nostalgic Lofree Keyboard Brings Back the Touch and Sound of Typewriters

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Nostalgic Lofree Keyboard Brings Back the Touch and Sound of Typewriters

Even years later since its mainstream demise, many of us still pine for the autonomous sensory meridian response inducing clickety-clack of a mechanical switch keyboard, a last-gen peripheral that delivered a pleasurable and resolute tactile and auditory feedback with every keystroke. There are still a few mechanical niche options out there, but probably none cuter than the recently announced typewriter inspired, retro-styled Lofree Keyboard.

Still under development, the OS and platform agnostic Lofree Keyboard is designed to connect with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS systems either wirelessly or tethered by USB cable. Users can also stay paired simultaneously across three devices for seamless switching. The round keys are backlit, organized in the same layout as the Apple Magic keyboard, which will make migration for macOS users that much easier.

But overall the real appeal of the Lofree is undoubtedly its Instagram-worthy pastel hued color combinations and the characteristic mechanical switch sounds the keyboard produces. There’s nothing really fancy about these keyboards…and that’s the point.


Let us also not forget how much easier it is to thoroughly clean mechanical keyboards compared to today’s low profile keyboards, since each key is easily removable.


The Lofree’s small footprint and wireless connectivity offers tablet-compatibility.

Switching between Windows and macOS connections, alongside wireless Bluetooth and USB wired is easy.

Lofree Keyboards will be priced between $75-$100 with pre-sale scheduled for March 7th. More details over at Lofree.

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