The Logigram Turntable Combines Analog Audio With 3D Printing

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The Logigram Turntable Combines Analog Audio With 3D Printing

Music has a long history of bringing people together, and in the case of Italian architect Luca Chieregato and Chilean industrial designer Josefina Troncoso, it was their shared passion for music that inspired a collaboration under the studio moniker DEFOSS (an acronym of “Design, Furniture, Objects in Space”). The Logigram Turntable is the result of their efforts – an analog record player featuring an innovative anti-vibrational CNC milled plinth and 3D-printed tonearm comprised of only three sections.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, DEFOSS efforts have resulted in three versions of the Logigram turntable, each designed to appeal to varying levels of entry-level audiophile specifications: the Logigram One Black/White, Logigram One Premium, and Logigram One Ultimate. The first two feature a slim 30mm plinth, with the all-wood Premium model standing above the more affordable wood fiber built Black/White editions. The Unsurprisingly, the Ultimate model represents their most premium efforts, with aa noticeably larger build credited to the turntable’s more robust 60mm composite anti-vibration plinth, paired with the perfectly capable Ortofon 2M Blue MM cartridge.

DEFOSS single piece tonearm is manufactured using 3D printing, eliminating manufacturing inaccuracies from the cartridge platform to counterweight stub, resulting in a totally even mechanical response.

The Logigram plinth is accurately cut using a CNC milling, creating empty sections that are filled-in with anti-vibrational material.

We have developed our product relying on technologies that have led to significant audio improvements. The subtraction of some mass from the plinth and its replacement with a composite anti-resonant reinforcement material eliminates any disturbance and vibration while reading the groove. The tonearm, designed and built with 3D printing technology, is made up of only three sections, reducing errors due to assembly that could alter fidelity in reproduction.

In its all-black iteration, the Logigram One turntable is sleeker and more minimalist than its stylized two-tone variation.

Unfortunately, DEFOSS’s efforts to bring the design to market via Kickstarter came up short earlier this year, but the Italian team is already ramping up for a relaunch with a new campaign with “early bird” pricing in hopes of turning prototypes into production. The most current updates about the project can be found over at the DEFOSS Facebook page for those interested in funding the project.

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