The Logitech K780 Keyboard by Feiz Design Studio “Cradles” Devices

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The Logitech K780 Keyboard by Feiz Design Studio “Cradles” Devices

Over decades, the keyboard has remained fairly unchanged beyond technical specifications: the switch from wired to wireless, and from mechanical switches to membrane pressure pads (R.I.P. clickety-clack keyboards). Feiz Design Studio of Amsterdam and Logitech recognizes how and when we use keyboards has evolved, redesigning the keyboard to better reflect the needs and functions of mobile computing…


If the Logitech K780‘s integrated mobile devices cradle sparks recognition, that’s because Feiz Design Studio has already done this once before with their Red Dot Award winning, Logitech K480 keyboard. The K780 is by inspection an evolution of this predecessor, separating the keyboard into two interlocked pieces that form the cradle more elegantly.


The keyboard section sits on top of a speckled rubber cradle base – the expression of Logitech Design’s own internal Colours and Materials library – fashioned with an angled protrusion designed to prop up mobile devices and house batteries within. This underlying form also tilts the keyboard ever so slightly for improved ergonomics.


Round and ovular silent keys give this full-sized keyboard a buoyant personality.


Whether used with larger smartphones, tablets, or as a hybrid computer keyboard, the Logitech K780 is one of the more aesthetically designed accessories available today (or at least in Europe). At the very least the cradle design offers a proper place to keep our Apple Pencil from rolling off the table.

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