Lokal: A Classic Hotel with a Modern Invisible Service

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Lokal: A Classic Hotel with a Modern Invisible Service

A trend in the world of hospitality that I can’t seem to get tired of is the “home away from home” concept that is replacing boring and stuffy hotel experiences of the past. The latest boutique hotel to embrace this trend is the new Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia. Located in Old City, the Lokal Hotel features six apartment style suites that look and feel like you’re staying in a well-loved, well-designed home.

What makes this one stand out from the rest is its innovative “invisible service” which seeks to anticipate all your needs as a traveler without disturbing your vacation or work trip. This means you’ll get automated coded check-ins and access to in-room iPads that are loaded with service-driven apps for food delivery, grocery delivery (all rooms feature full kitchens), and more. Of course, if you need assistance, the staff and service are just a touch screen away for communication through text, email, social media, phone, or in-person service if requested.

The interiors are designed by Jersey Ice Cream Company who decorated each suite with a mid-century modern meets industrial style. Accent walls, frames, and cabinetry are painted a deep cerulean blue for a calming vibe; brass fixtures and soaking claw foot tubs give a classic feel to a modern hospitality experience; and a curated collection of art and books brings the trending concept home (no pun intended).

If these photos don’t convince you to book your next stay, Design Milk got the exclusive footage of what staying at the Lokal Hotel can really look like. Watch:

What: The Lokal Hotel
Where: 139 N 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
How much? A 1-bedroom suite starts at $195/night and a 2-bedroom suite starts at $240/night.
Highlights: Whether you’re on a work trip, family vacation, or honeymoon, the Lokal Hotel is a great alternative to traditional hotels if you’re looking for something that’s more familiar, comfortable, and independent in experience.
Design draw: The mid-century modern meets industrial style is beautifully done and the “invisible service” keeps you feeling less like you’re visiting relatives and more like you’re on vacation in a beautiful home.
Book it: Visit the Lokal Hotel (the hotel is now taking reservations for April 3, 2017 and beyond).

Photos by Heidi’s Bridge Photography.

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