Lolly-Laputan: A Fairyland Kid-Friendly Cafe That Parents Will Love Too

07.22.19 | By
Lolly-Laputan: A Fairyland Kid-Friendly Cafe That Parents Will Love Too

Whether you’ve dined out with your kids or you’ve been at a restaurant where kids are dining, you know it’s not always a picnic… For the parents or the other patrons. Unless parents are happy with forever being banished to Chuck E. Cheese or fast food playgrounds, they’d probably be ecstatic to find a kid-friendly cafe that caters to children and their parents alike. Wutopia Lab has made it happen in Dalian, China, with Lolly-Laputan which features a central wonderland for kids to explore and dining spaces surrounding it for the parents to hang.

The Fairyland Premium Kids Cafe recently opened and the creative playland includes Cloudy Town with an undulating series of acrylic, cloud-like panels, along with tree houses, slides, a hidden ball pit, and a carousel for kids to enjoy.

Adult-sized tables and chairs fill the extra space allowing parents to sit back comfortably while their kids run amok.

House-like structures invite children in to play and pretend, or to eat their meal with their parents.

Separate alcoves of space offer privacy for families and kids looking for a quieter experience.

The cafe’s exterior is clad with punctured aluminum panels that separate reality and the freshly created, dreamy wonderland for kids and their parents.

Photos by CreatAR Images.

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