Most Popular Design Milk Instagram Photos and Videos

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Most Popular Design Milk Instagram Photos and Videos

We’ve shared a lot on Design Milk Instagram over the past few years. From trade show floor photos and videos, to daily posts, to some of our favorite Instagram accounts and discoveries. We are proud to say that we’ve hit a big milestone: 1 million followers!

In celebration, we’re revisiting some of our most talked about and most hearted ‘grams, from stairs and collapsible chairs to glass sculptures and installations. (pssst…. we’re also giving away a $1K gift card to – enter the giveaway here!)

Top Five Most Commented Instagrams


We all need a hug sometimes and the Free Hug Sofa by Eun Kyoung Lee can give it to us—soft and plushy style.


This video of a collapsible chair by Rock Paper Robot shown at the 2015 International Contemporary Furniture Fair is still blowing our minds.


This illustration by advertising agency Famous (formerly LG&F) for Oogmerk Opticians is bringing the LOLs because c’mon. It’s kind of true. ;-)


We need this adaptable table by Keven Walter in our living rooms/offices/anywhere.


These loved stairs in the Gibbes Street Residence designed by Terry Bail of Archology proves that we all have an inner kid within us still.

Top Five Most Liked Instagrams


Glass sculptures by Ben Young, like this one entitled Safe Keeper, would make a splash in any home.


Love, a wire-frame sculpture by Alexander Milov that debuted at the 2015 Burning Man Festival, seems to resonate with many of us. Original image by @teamwoodnote.


We re-posted this great image by @jacob of the Rakotzbrücke Bridge and its reflection shows a full circle from the right perspective.


Who isn’t a fan of a modern extension to a traditional home? This one is by Noji Architects with photography by Alice Clancey.


Sean Newport uses his carpentry skills to create colorful, geometric wood sculptures like this one.

We’ve also been sharing modern homes where you live and creative workspaces where you hustle with #DMmodernhomes and #DMcreativespaces. Tag us in your photos and we may feature it!

Design by Content Architecture, photo by Pete Molick

Photo by Tuomas Ikonen

Thanks for following along on our Instagram journey! We wouldn’t be at this milestone without you.

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