M Moser Associates Designs a New Headquarters for Titan Bangalore

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M Moser Associates Designs a New Headquarters for Titan Bangalore

Titan Bangalore, a prominent accessories producer and retailer in India, hired M Moser Associates to design a new headquarters that reflected the brand’s vision while creating an inspiring environment for its employees. Their desire was to help enhance the well-being and daily experience of each person by incorporating various types of work stations, sustainable materials, and a close proximity to nature with the hope that it would spark innovative thinking.

The headquarters is located in Bangalore, India, and it spans a massive 200,000-square-feet, merging the feel of hospitality and work environments.

Throughout the interior, there are sections of open workspaces but what you won’t find are separate offices for the people high up the ladder. All employees are seated together, and that includes the managers.

The seed of our design thought was taking the six values (Total Customer Orientation, Employee Appreciation, Performance Culture & Teamwork, Creativity & Innovation, Passion for Excellence and Corporate Citizenship) and translating them into something tangible, forming the basis of the design language; in this case, the defined form of a hexagon.

– Ramesh Subramaniam, Director for International Design

Different zones were created to establish a variety of functional workspaces, including meeting rooms, quiet rooms, and cabins.

Natural light filters into the office thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows and they’re complemented with linear lights for better light dispersement.

Base build architects: Mindspace Architects
Photographer: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

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