Made Out Portugal

It never ceases to amaze me how many awesome international design collectives there are out there to help boost the careers of young designers. I feel like they’re more popular in the UK and Europe. I get excited when I see new international design from lots of talent all in one place — this is why I blog. Thus, when I got an email from Made Out Portugal I was overjoyed. Made Out Portugal is a design platform for Portuguese designers working outside of Portugal that acts like a collective rather than a brand.

Promoting personal ideas and designs, the aim is to promote individual upcoming designers. Made Out Portugal organizes events and exhibitions to help the designers get their work out to the public and takes no authorship or ownership of the pieces.

Here are a few of the designers that they’re working with.

Filipa Ricardo‘s About Waste is a series of products where the main material comes from industrial waste, the unwanted parts that come out of production lines. Sa-weet!

Bruno Carvalho creates Site-Specific Furniture in which he uses the structure of internal architecture as a jumping off point to create furniture.

João Valente is also in The Netherlands and his # Another Contemporary chair is a project that is about the personal relationship that this object has with the designer. Shaped like a chair’s shadow, it is a reflection of the designer as well as the sitter.

Manuel Netto‘s Dock lamp is a lamp that is connected not by a button but rather by a precise action, such as moving the light to a specific place. There are points on the lamp where electrical currents and to turn it off, simply move it back to its resting place.

Tiago Sa Da Costa created this Bottlelegged table that reuses old glass bottles as table legs.

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