M.A.DI. Unfolds Into a Solar-Powered A-Frame In Just a Few Hours

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M.A.DI. Unfolds Into a Solar-Powered A-Frame In Just a Few Hours

Talk about (near) instant gratification: Italy-based M.A.DI.’s prefab A-frame unfolds to near completion like a pop-up book, requiring only a few hours construction for temporary or permanent occupancy, all without the need for a foundation.

Requiring only a minimal crew of three workers (and the help of a truck and crane), the flatpack M.A.DI. folds out in just 6-7 hours, complete with “water, sanitary, electrical, HVAC, and drainage systems” pre-installed. There’s even a staircase connecting ground level with a loft level, taking advantage of the A-frame’s spacious overhead.

Because the structure doesn’t require a permanent foundation, the flatpack structure is engineered to leave the ground underneath mostly intact.

Because the external walls are not structural, windows can be situated nearly anywhere across the roof. Or even better yet, an array of solar panels convert the structure into an entirely self-sustainable dwelling or temporary structure.

The modular nature of the M.A.DI. system offers simple expandability; simply attach additional modules as needed. M.A.DI. comes in five pre-designed floor plans, with the smallest module available for about $33,700 with construction included (shown above during the 2017 Milan Furniture Fair). We also like the M.A.DI. because it reminds us of one of our favorite childhood playthings.

The smallest single module offers a little under 300 sq. ft. of interior space.

A downloadable paper model offers prospective buyers a better idea how the structure unfolds into being.

Check out M.A.DI.’s Instagram feed for additional information and photos of both the exterior and interior.

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