MAG-LEV Audio Levitating Turntable Is An Uplifting Concept

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MAG-LEV Audio Levitating Turntable Is An Uplifting Concept

A Slovenian team of designers and audio engineers going by the name of MAG-LEV Audio obviously believe the future of vinyl still has plenty of potential for innovation. Their MAG-LEV levitating turntable literally puts a whole new spin on listening to records, enhancing listening sessions with the visual wow factor of an independently levitating platter.

The gravity-defying design could arguably be described as the ultimate anti-vibration dreams of audiophiles come true. But in reality, the MAG-LEV is probably more of a dramatic design statement rather than a revolutionary audio upgrade. Still, we’re impressed by the sophisticated and understated design of the record-playing setup, with details like a semi-automatic tone arm that lifts at the end of the record, a gentle cueing mechanism that prevents the needle dropping harshly onto the grooves of vinyl, a futuristic orange glow of LEDs illuminating the platter from underneath during playback, and its very own integrated UPS power system to insure even in a power outage, the MAG-LEV will provide plenty of time to safely turn off the player without damaging a record.

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A retractable set of platter feet emerge to support the platter when not turned on for levitated playback.

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A digital display and control allows listeners to switch from 33.3-rpm and 45-rpm with just a turn of a button.

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Without any physical contact between the rotational mechanism and the platter – adjusted with a sensor regulating software system – theoretically the turntable could eliminate the minute amounts of distortion caused by vibration or friction. Like any piece of home audio gear, the proof of performance is only revealed upon careful listening, but MAG-LEV Audio has definitely designed a centerpiece component with unmatched wow factor.

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Those interested in getting their hands on one of these levitating turntables can reserve and crowdfund one for $880 over at Kickstarter.

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