Magic Calendar by Kosho Tsuboi Connects Paper With Your Phone

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Magic Calendar by Kosho Tsuboi Connects Paper With Your Phone

Product designer Kosho Tsuboi once lived in a zen monastery temple. In the process, the young graduate became more profoundly aware of the relevance of time and the tactile in shaping and defining the human experience. An example of this realization manifests today in his team’s conceptual Magic Calendar, a hi-resolution electronic paper calendar display envisioning connecting the divide between our virtual calendars and the physical world around us.

Conceived as part of Google’s Android Experiments initiative, Magic Calendar is a response to the question, “What if there was a calendar that combines the merits of both paper and smartphone?”. The answer is an Android app partnered with an interconnected paper-thin e-ink color display. Everything on the mobile device’s calendar is mirrored physically on an always-on display designed for the wall or on the desk, making sharing events and schedules between people easier and more natural.

“The [Magic Calendar] inherits the characteristics of both smartphone and paper calendars, so that the schedules inputted digitally can quickly be checked.”

Everything captured and added onto the app calendar is then pushed to display onto the Magic Calendar display.

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