Maison 203 Is Using Digital Artistry to Craft Jewelry

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Maison 203 Is Using Digital Artistry to Craft Jewelry
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Picture the Venetian countryside and the rustic nature of Prosecco vineyards. That’s the backdrop for contemporary jewelry brand Maison 203. Maison 203 designs and manufactures 3D-printed jewelry using digital artistry and hand-dyeing techniques, and the result is really stunning.

maison 203 founders

Maison 203’s founders Lucia De Conti and Orlando Fernandez Flores

The brand got its start back in 2011 when co-founders Orlando Fernandez Flores and Lucia De Conti met and brought together their multicultural backgrounds to bring a new perspective to design. Their work is conceptual while still being decorative — all brought to life through technology.

All the pieces are designed to show off a strong aesthetic and make an instant statement. Some of our favorite examples of this are the Loft Bracelet, the Leia ll Earrings, and the Perle C3 Necklace. Each draws your eyes to them and displays a creative look that we haven’t seen before.

maison 203 Loft Bracelet

Loft Bracelet

maison 203 Leia Earrings ll

Leia ll Earrings

The jewelry and accessories are inspired by everything from geometry and nature to architecture, and this variety leads to the expansive shapes in the collection that range from elegant to minimalist. And, thanks to the 3D printing, the pieces are light and flexible, making them easy and comfortable to wear — all day long.

Maison 203 collaborates with various designers when it comes to creating their collections. We love this because it allows these artists to experiment creatively and technically to make jewelry and accessories that we find ourselves excited to wear.

Perle Necklace C3

Perle C3 Necklace

maison 203 Metallic Leaves Ring

Metallic Leaves Ring

Armure Necklace l

Armure Necklace l

maison Leaves Earrings l

Leaves Earrings l

Leaves Bracelet

Leaves Bracelet

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Through September, we are donating 1% of the Design Milk Shop sales to The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Click here to read the Design Milk Mission for our commitment to donations, diversity, equity, + anti-racism action.

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